Advantages of salt water and chlorinated swimming pools

Foster Pools in Hastings, Ontario provides complete installation of in-ground and above ground pools and renovations. Many people today who are contemplating putting in a pool wonder if they should use salt water or chlorinated water. Foster Pools are experts in all matters concerning swimming pools and offer the following tips and advice to consider when deciding on which type of pool would be best:

1. The main difference between the two types of pools is that salt water pools use dissolved salt instead of chlorine tablets to cleanse and sanitize the pool water.

2. For salt water pools, the salt-to-water ratio level must be maintained, and this means adding salt to the pool regularly.

3. Although salt water pools are gaining in popularity, chlorine pools are still the most common types of pools built for homeowners. These pools use readily available chlorine tablets to keep the pool water clean and safe.

4. Generally speaking, salt water pools require less maintenance and lower overall costs than more traditional chlorinated pools.

5. Salt is a more natural product than the chlorine approach and is safer on a person’s skin and hair than chlorine. Also, a salt water pool does not fade or damage swimsuits.

6. On the flip side, chlorinated pools are much better at clearing up bacteria in the water than salt water pools. Chlorine also cleans pool water much faster than salt.

7. Chlorine pools are also extremely easy to maintain. Pool owners simply add chlorine tablets when needed. And, this process can be automated.

As you can see, there are advantages to both salt water and chlorinated pools.

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