Tips and advice on when to open and close a swimming pool

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Most people can’t wait for winter to retreat and for the weather to be warm enough to get outside and enjoy the backyard swimming pool. Parents and children both enjoy getting into their swimming pool as soon as possible. But when is the best time to open the swimming pool? Similarly, when is it the right time to close the swimming pool? These are important questions to answer as opening and closing the pool at the right time can help to ensure it lasts longer and is not damaged by unseasonable or inclement weather. It will also prevent family and friends from getting sick from swimming at the wrong time of year.

Foster Pools are experts in all areas of swimming pools. Years of experience have taught the staff at Foster Pools that it is best for people to wait until they have consistently warm weather both during the day and at night to open their swimming pool. Owners of backyard swimming pools should also keep in mind that there can be a number of issues to contend with in early spring such as excessive pollen in the air that can collect in pools and an outgrowth of algae. Additionally, it can be expensive for homeowners to run the heater on their pool during the spring to bring it up to acceptable temperatures after chilly nights have cooled the water. A general rule of thumb is to wait until the May long weekend to open the family pool.

In terms of closing the swimming pool, some similar rules of thumb apply. Once pool owners find that they have to constantly run the pool heater to keep the water temperature at a comfortable level, it is probably too cold to be using the pool. Similarly, leaves and pine needles that fall off trees in the autumn can end up in a pool, clogging drains and motors. And, you never know when a first frost or snowfall is going to hit. Pool owners don’t want to get stuck trying to drain their pool in freezing conditions when water is likely to turn to ice. This only results in a mess and can be expensive to correct. A safe rule to follow is to close up a pool around the Thanksgiving holiday in early October.

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