Ensure the chemical balance is right in your swimming pool

Foster Pools in Hastings, Ontario provides complete installation of in ground and above ground pools and renovations. A backyard swimming pool is a lot of fun for the entire family. Wonderful memories are made each summer in the pool. Adults and children find lots of enjoyment in their backyard pool and that joy can be shared with friends, neighbours and relatives. However, having a pool is also a big responsibility and one that people who own them should not take lightly. Proper cleaning and maintenance of a pool is important both to protect family and friends as well as the financial investment made in a swimming pool. And, when it comes to maintenance, nothing is more important than testing the water and regulating the pH balance.

Getting the pH balance right is about ensuring the chemical balance is correct in a swimming pool. This is important as it keeps the pool water clean and ensures that it is healthy and safe for the people using the pool. The right pH balance keeps bacteria and algae out of a swimming pool. Any time you see a swimming pool that has green coloured water chances are the pH levels are off. A pH level that is not right can also result in water that burns people’s eyes – particularly in chlorinated swimming pools. Making sure that swimming in the backyard pool is a safe and enjoyable experience starts with getting the chemical balance right.

Foster Pools knows the right pH levels for a swimming pool and how to achieve it. The company’s experienced pool experts can do an initial treatment on a swimming pool they have built and installed, and then provide ongoing maintenance of a pool – checking the water throughout the summer season and adjusting the chemical balance as needed. They know when to add chlorine tablets or salt to a swimming pool, as well as when to top up water levels and keep everything inside the pool in perfect balance – ensuring swimmers are comfortable in the water from the first day of summer to the last.

People looking for advice and guidance regarding their swimming pools and the chemical balance should contact the professionals at Foster Pools in Hastings. There is no better pool company in the Kawartha region. To learn more about Foster Pools and everything they have to offer their customers, please give the company a call at 705-696-3900, or check them out online at www.fosterpools.ca.